Ready for Arizona’s Monsoon Season?

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National Geographic defines monsoons as a seasonal shift in the direction of the strongest winds that can cause a meteorological change.

Here in Arizona, the monsoon season can last anywhere between June to September. This time of the year brings extreme heat followed by excessive moisture in the air, which can cause thunderstorms due to fast winds.

Thunderstorms can strike quickly and with violent force, but that’s not the only thing to worry about. The excessive water from the heavy rain that often precedes thunderstorms can over-saturate the soil, causing a tree’s healthy roots to weaken its hold.

Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for this season to prevent storm damage to your tree.

Tips for Preventing Storm Damage

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid storm damage to your tree.

  • Regular watering, fertilizing, and mulching your trees can help healthy trees withstand the elements much better. It also helps prevent the tree soil from becoming compacted.

  • Make it a habit to prune your tree annually even if it’s still young. Pruning every two to three years should be enough. However, do not try pruning the tree yourself if you do not know what you’re doing, as you may end up damaging it. A poorly pruned tree’s limbs and branches are more susceptible to breakage in strong winds. Professional tree trimming experts have a deeper understanding of healthy tree structure, so they can help you avoid causing unnecessary damage to your tree.

  • Regular tree care and maintenance do not come free. The money you spend on the protective care of your tree can help you save much more in the long run, especially if it topples over and causes damage to your car, roof, or any other structure it falls over on.

  • Landscaping debris or loose leaf can get scattered all over your yard when high winds blow. So, clearing your yard of any trash can help you avoid more work. If you have a swimming pool in your yard, this will also help prevent your pool filters from getting clogged and burning out.

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Deadwood is an unstable part of a tree that can be evidenced by brittle and stiff branches that don’t bend when under stress. Cracks on your tree branches is another thing to watch out for, as tree limbs or branches bearing cracks indicate potential branch splitting. Pruning is a preventive step you can take to prevent more cracking. Pests and decay are also other warning signs you need to be aware of.

If you need professional services for your tree care and maintenance, Trees for Needs offers professional tree services in Phoenix. We will make sure that your tree is ready for the monsoon season. Contact us for more details.

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