Tree Maintenance Tips for the Autumn Months

Though it looks like trees are in a state of hibernation in the winter, they experience major stress when they are exposed to harsh conditions like the extreme cold. That’s why proper tree maintenance is essential before the winter season arrives. You can help minimize the stress by preparing them for the colder months. So before it gets too cold, start preparing your trees for the colder months ahead of time to promote healthy growth next spring.

You can help your trees get through the winter season with these four tips.

Fall Fertilization

Exposure to the cold winter and hot summer weather can cause the soil to lose essential nutrients. When the soil loses too many nutrients, there won’t be enough to sustain your trees when the weather gets too cold. To ensure that your trees have enough nutrients over the winter, replace the lost nutrients by applying a slow-release fertilizer on the soil. This will also help enhance resistance to damage from insects, diseases, and stressful weather.

Keep Them Hydrated

The fall season is the perfect time to give your trees a hearty drink of water. This will make sure that your trees are well-hydrated throughout the frigid winter. It’s essential to water the top 12 inches of soil where your tree is planted, as this is the area where your trees need water the most. An efficient way to do this is through subsurface watering where you distribute water over the first 12 inches of soil by using an injection probe. This is an ideal method for shrubs and trees without proper irrigation systems. An arborist can help you with this task if you’re not sure how to do it.

Timely Planting

Everyone knows that trees shed their leaves during the autumn season and sprout new life in spring. But not a lot of people know that fall is actually the best time to plant new trees. This is because the fall season is neither too cold nor too hot. So the trees are less likely to get exposed from the scorching heat of the sun. This will help give the newly planted trees a chance to build root mass, helping them prepare for their winter dormancy.

Equip Them for The Cold

Winter comes after fall. If your tree has any rotting or broken branches, there is less chance of them surviving the added weight of ice storm or heavy snowfall. So take this time to prepare your trees for the frost, snow, and cold temperatures by having them braced, cabled, and pruned before any extreme weather condition hits.

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