Deep Root-Tree Fertilization: What to Know

Deep root tree fertilization involves injecting fertilizer into the soil’s deepest roots. The process is done to help your tree live longer. It’s also part of preventive care. If you’re thinking about hiring tree services to perform one, here are a few essentials you need to know.

What are the Benefits?

  • Provide Basic Nutrients. You can talk to the tree expert you hired to customize the service to address the needs of your trees. Once a soil structure sample is taken, that makes it easier to work out which nutrients are needed. The tree expert will use this method to supply those nutrients to the roots of your trees.
  • Ensure Root Development. Deep fertilization helps in giving the roots of your tree ample space to grow and develop because it aerates the soil. With new pore space, you won’t need to worry about compaction issues hampering the growth of your trees.
  • Build Resistance to Infestation. The process also helps protect your trees from catching any diseases in the ground. They keep insects at bay as well, making it possible for your roots to develop without interference or delays from insect infestation or diseases.
  • Grow Healthier Trees. Hire a professional to perform a deep-root fertilization treatment. That’s one way to determine what’s been killing your trees. If yours has trouble growing or they keep dying on you, the treatment can help you determine and address a number of those issues.

What to Know Before You Go?

Before performing the treatment, the tree expert must pay attention to the following steps. Failure to do so could mean that you’ll need to find another professional.

  • Quick Absorption. The liquid state of the fertilizer leads to easy absorption. If you hire a pro and s/he suggests using pellets or stakes—which take longer to absorb—that could be a problem. Ask why. If s/he can’t provide a proper explanation, look elsewhere for help.
  • Customized Services. Look for a company that can customize its services to match the needs of your trees.
  • Know When. Not all trees need deep-root fertilization. Make sure yours do before you hire pros to perform the treatment.

How Do I Hire a Tree Service?

Look for a local company that performs tree treatments. Check out the rest of the treatments they offer. For a trusted company with a stellar reputation and solid track record in the field, contact Trees for Needs for deep root tree fertilization.

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