Four Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Remove Trees Themselves

When it comes to tree care, the chance of injury is higher than both police and fire industries. This makes hiring professional tree removal services even more important for homeowners, as trying to remove a tree yourself has a high potential to end disastrously. If you have a tree on your property that is in need of removal, here are four reasons why you need to hire a professional service.

Four Reasons Homeowners Need Professional Tree Removal

The biggest concern about tree removal revolves around safety. Using professional tree removal ensures that no one in your household will be hurt or injured during the process. Removing a tree isn’t as simple as cutting it down, and even that has the potential to go south quickly. If the tree is near powerlines, vehicles, homes, or anything it or a rouge branch could fall on, the cost of damage could be more than the cost of hiring a professional. Professional arborists know how to take down trees efficiently and safely without putting the surrounding parties at risk.

Protecting Your Home
If the tree you want to be removed is close to your home, improperly cutting it could cause it to fall into your property. Depending on the size of the tree, this could be catastrophic. Professional tree removal services have the tools and knowhow to safely bring down trees to ensure they won’t damage your home. Trees are thoroughly inspected before any work is started, ensure that all measures are accounted for. Roping can also help ensure that the tree doesn’t land near any structures, a process that can be impossible to do correctly without training. Some companies will even employ the use of machines to grab trees and directing them to a safe place to land. Additionally, if the roots of a tree have grown under your home, removing them improperly can cause foundational damage or damage to pipes and underground plumbing.

Tree removal is a unique skill set that can’t be taught via online tutorials and youtube videos. Experts know how to correctly clear and area, assess the situation and utilize the proper tools to remove a tree. Without this training and knowledge, the job can’t be correctly completed. Many companies will conduct a full inspection beforehand to determine the tools needed for the job. When it comes to tree removal the littles details can make a huge difference.

Complete Removal
Oftentimes when homeowners opt to remove trees themselves they don’t do a thorough job. This means leaving roots and trunks that can be hard for homeowners to be rid of themselves. Trying to remove roots can also put you in danger of rupturing pipes or cracking your foundation, depending on how they have grown. Professionals know all the tricks of the trade and can completely remove trees without creating safety hazards or unnecessary damage.

If you have a tree on your property that need to come down. Don’t try and tackle the job yourself. With all the safety concerns surrounding proper removal, you’ll only risk putting yourself and your property in harm’s way. Speak with a professional tree removal service instead, and set up a consultation so that you can have your tree removed the right way. Contact Trees for Needs for tree removal services today.

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