9 Signs That Show You Need a Professional Tree Removal Service

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Nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful, healthy tree growing in your backyard. Well-maintained trees and shrubs can increase your property value by up to 14%. However, exposure to harsh weather elements and infections may take a toll on their health. Weakened trees pose a danger to your home, family, and community and may need to be removed. It may be difficult for an untrained eye to find the underlying problem. Here are nine signs that tell you it’s time to call in a tree removal service provider.

1. Dead Trees

Like all living organisms, trees exhaust their natural lifespan and die off. Other times, death results from infections and pest invasions. Decaying branches on dead trees may fall off abruptly, posing a danger to your safety. You may need to call in the tree removal experts.

2. Damaged Plants

Storms and desert winds in Phoenix may severely injure your trees. The plants can only endure the extreme weather elements to a certain extent. If the storm damages more than 50% of your tree, it may be time to call in the experts. Longitudinal cracks may point to a weak tree that won’t hold for long.

3. Diseases

Sick trees are not only a danger to your loved ones but also to the health of other trees in your lawn. Look out for weak branches, discolored leaves, and rotting trunks and branches. Professional tree removal service providers can help remove the trees before the infection spreads.

4. Leaning

Some trees lean naturally and contribute to beautiful landscapes. However, if you notice your tree starts to lean suddenly, you need to call in an arborist. Strong winds may weaken the root system making the tree more likely to topple over.

5. Problematic Roots

The roots systems are indicative of the overall plant health. The decaying roots should worry you as they may not be strong enough to hold the plant in place. Diseased roots may also lead to the death of the tree. Call in tree removal services before the tree falls over.

6. Cavities on trunks

Holes forming on the trunks and branches may point to decaying or diseased trees. Hollowed stems may compromise the structural stability of the tree, making it susceptible to toppling over.

7. Overgrowth

The tree on your backyard may have outgrown the space with dangerous branches hanging over your house. Strong wind storms may land broken branches on your car, roof, and gutter system. Consult a tree care specialist on whether you need to trim the tree or cut it down.

8. Fungus and Pest Infestation

Fungi feed on decaying plant matter, and their presence may signify plant disease. Look out for mushrooms growing on your branches and trunks. Additionally, invasive pests such as insects and rodents may destroy the plant from the inside out.

9. Proximity to Your Home

Tree roots growing near your home may invade your sewer systems, causing blockages and pipe bursts. The branch of the tree growing on the front pouch may hang dangerously over your power lines. You may need to remove the tree to accommodate the expansion of your home.

In Conclusion

Trees may pose a danger to your safety and that of your family when they become old or diseased. The only sure way to confirm if you need a tree removal service is to call in the professionals. They will inspect your trees and offer expert advice on the best way to manage the problem.

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