Tree Care Service Phoenix, AZ

We are experts in tree feeding and understand the importance of proper timing and application.

Knowledgeable and Trusted Arborists

During the dormant seasons, your tree’s nutrients are used in the growth of the roots, with the remainder stored and ready for spring, when the roots resume to absorb the nutrients and expand. Our knowledgeable and trusted arborists will prepare your trees so that they stay healthy and happy, which is part of the tree care service Phoenix area residents expect from us.

Suitable for Rough Desert Soil

No shocking news to anyone – Phoenix has some of the worst soil in the world! It is recommended to fertilize your trees 3 times a year to obtain new growth and ripe fruit.

The fertilizers we use are made right here in Phoenix specifically for the rough desert soil. We use a probiotic blend that puts necessary vitamins and minerals into your soil as well as crucial live microbes such as beneficial bacteria, fungus, and humic acid.

All part of nature’s way to help your trees not only survive, but thrive!